We have 1 package receiving location – Pay attention to where you are sending to
Address your Packages, Parcels & Freight as follows:
Your Name, Customer ID
132 Deer Park Road
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Freight Requirements

Be advised that the process for delivering and receiving freight items (over 150 pounds) is considerably more complicated than delivering or receiving a simple package. You need to contact us PRIOR to scheduling a freight delivery so we can prepare for it, if you don’t, we may REFUSE the delivery.

Improperly Addressed Shipments

  • Use only one name per label to help ensure notification.
  • Packages arriving without a “Receiver Name” may be opened by our staff to determine ownership or may be refused.*
  • After remaining here for one month, all mystery parcels will be disposed of.
  • Packages without a customer number may be subject to a $5.00 service fee.
  • Processing may be delayed for packages without a customer number.

*Any costs that you incur due to the package being returned is between you and the company that shipped your package without your name or proper identification. If you or we return a package, you will still owe us receiving fees.

Package Availability

Packages that arrive on Saturday will not be available until after 10:30 am on the following Monday. Although we usually have all packages processed by 3pm on weekdays, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. We only warrant that a package will be made available for pickup by the opening of the business the day after it arrives. In order to meet our service promise to all our customers, we will not be able to stop processing packages or assign manpower to look among our unprocessed packages.

These processing times do not apply to the Christmas Season (typically the Monday after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve). Check our website for updated processing times during the Christmas Season.

Prohibited Items Refusal

  • Hazardous Material
  • Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives
  • All Freight Carrier transported shipments (that are not pre-scheduled with our office)

Packages left behind

If you have us bring a package to the counter (or the ferry dock) and decide to leave it (for whatever reason), you will still need to pay the pick up fee at that time for the service provided and then pay it again (plus storage fees if applicable) the next time you pick it up. To avoid paying multiple pickup fees, please make sure that you know which packages you want, instead of asking us to bring them to the counter for you to decide, this will keep us from doing double and/or triple work and keep you from having to pay for it.

Package Pickup

  • Photo ID is required for all personal pick ups. While our initial search is by customer number, please be prepared with a tracking number to aid in our secondary search capabilities.
  • Email notifications are sent as a courtesy to you. Please track all of your orders to ensure you know when they have arrived. We are not responsible for making sure your email notification has reached you. We will not waive pick-up or storage fees if you have not received notification.
  • If someone other than the person named on the parcel is picking up the parcel, they must provide a tracking number or copy of the invoice/receipt in order to properly identify the parcel. Our staff will be asking for verification of the merchandise before releasing the parcel, so please send your proxy prepared!
  • If your item comes through the Post Office with postage due owing on it, we will cover the amount, but we will put a note in your email alerting you to the fact that you will owe, in addition to the depot fee, the amount of postage due, and a $5 service charge.

Selective pickups

If you choose to leave any packages behind for pickup at a later date, storage fees will begin IMMEDIATELY regardless of the date of receipt.

During the months of October – December, customers must pick up ALL parcels under their name, due to the staff time it takes to sort through tracking numbers. Parcels may not be left behind for later pick up.

Storage Fees

We expect all incoming packages to be picked up within 14 days of their arrival. Packages left over this time frame will be charged a storage fee. Storage fees will be assessed by the pick-up rate on a weekly basis. For example, a $5.00 box will have a $5.00/week storage fee after the first two weeks. This charge will automatically be added to your total when you pickup your package.

All packages have tracking numbers and can be tracked by our customers through the applicable shipping carriers website. It is the customers responsibility to get your shipper to provide you with this number and track your package to our facility. Email and/or phone notification of the package’s arrival to you is a courtesy, and lack of notification will not constitute a reason for forgiving or eliminating any of our fees, including storage fees. Any parcel needing additional storage, After being signed out, will be charged a minimum $10 a week (depending upon size) fee per package. To avoid extra fees, please pick up your shipments in a timely manner.

Abandoned Goods

All packages unclaimed after 45 days will be considered as abandoned and will be removed from the premises. After 45 days the parcels will be opened at our discretion and they will either be destroyed or sold to recover our costs. Any excess of funds form any sale of contents to recover company costs shall belong to Port Angeles Package Receiving. We may, time permitting, make an attempt to contact you 7 days before this time limit. If we are unable to, or do not contact you, the parcel(s) will be considered abandoned. We will not assume any liability or responsibility for items that are considered abandoned due to the above time limit and will not reimburse the customer for said items, or for any consequential damages/loss that may result from removing/disposing of the parcel(s).

Fire and Theft

While we operate with insurance and various forms of security implemented, we cannot and will not be held responsible for any loss through fire, theft, flood, acts of God, or any other disaster or occurrence. Furthermore, we will not be held liable for consequential damages (shipping costs, loss of revenue, duress, sentimental value, loss of inventory, etc.) that are listed separately from the value of any item, regardless of the reason for the cost being incurred. We urge you to always have insurance purchased for any items you ship to us, or that are received by our company.

Illegal Goods or Activities

Should we become alerted or aware of any possible illegal goods or activity (as defined by United States Federal, State, County or City ordinances) it will be reported to the applicable law enforcement agencies. Packages may also be opened and/or refused if there is reason to believe that a package may contain any dangerous or illegal goods, or that the storage of packages will make us susceptible to theft or put us in violation of Federal, State County and/or City ordinances. We will not assume any liability or responsibility for items that are refused, turned over to law enforcement, or returned due to the above, and will not reimburse the customer for said items or for any consequential damages (shipping, loss of discount, loss of revenue, loss of merchandise, duress, sentimental value, etc.) that may result from the above and/or returning said items to the shipper.

Carton and Packaging Material

We DO accept cartons or packaging materials for disposal. See our “Rates” section for applicable fees.

Parcel Refusal

If you wish to refuse a parcel – please notify us in advance of receiving your parcel or please reply to our email we send you the same day to refuse the parcel and the depot fees will be waived. However, If you should request refusal of your parcel after the receiving day we will still refuse your parcel but you will be required to still pay the standard receiving fees.

***Note: Returns to UPS and USPS we have up to 2 weeks, however please note Fed-Ex will only allow 3 days from date of receipt to refuse a parcel.


  • All prices are in US dollars.
  • Only US currency accepted.
  • Visa, MasterCard credit cards are accepted.
  • Debit cards are accepted only if they can be processed as a credit card. Card must have Visa or Mastercard logo on face.

Same Day Pickup – Special Requests

We will not be taking names of customers wanting to pick up their parcels the same day they arrive. Parcel volume is too high to accommodate such requests. Please wait for your email notification (which means your parcel has been processed into the system) before coming to pick up. If you track a parcel and it shows as “delivered” but you haven’t received our email notification, you can still come in but will have to wait until the parcel is checked into our system. If you still have not heard from us by the following day, please contact us. During the months of October – December there will be no exceptions to this policy due to the high increase in receiving volume.

Special Note Regarding USPS

Due to the high number of miss-deliveries for items arriving with USPS in Port Angeles, we will not accept responsibility for items we do not sign for. Only approximately 1% of the items arriving from the United States Postal Service require a signature.

Damaged Parcels

We DO NOT accept responsibility for exterior or hidden damage sustained to parcels during transit. If boxes arrive with damage on the exterior of the box, we MAY make a special notation in the notification email you receive. We will open and inspect parcels for interior damage if requested by the customer before the item is delivered, and a minimal $10.00 (15 minute) charge will be assessed.

Changes to Terms of Service

Should we need to change our “Terms of Service” and/or pricing, we will attempt to notify our customers in one or more of the following manners, as we deem appropriate:

  • Signage posted in the lobby area of our facility 30 days prior to the changes taking effect.
  • On our Website, in the appropriate area, 30 days prior to the changes taking effect.
  • Via email to our customers who receive a package and are signed up for email notification, within 30 days prior to changes taking effect.

Proper notification and enforcement of these changes shall be deemed as having occurred 30 days after one or more of the above notification methods. These changes will apply to all packages still contained in our facility regardless of the arrival date.

* * USE of our package receiving services signifies your acceptance and agreement to our Terms of Service. If you do not agree to our terms of service, DO NOT REGISTER for package receiving services from our company. If you register, you are bound by our terms of service.