Small Up to 24″ (L+W+H) $5.00
Medium 25″ – 43″ (L+W+H) $7.00
Large 44″ – 71″ (L+W+H) $9.00
X-Large 72″ – 120″ (L+W+H) $12.00
XX-Large > 120″ (L+W+H) $15.00 & Up
Tires $7.00/tire
Tires with Rims $7.00 + 0.15/lb.
Pallet 48″ x 40″ max $35.00


Small $2.00
Medium $3.00
Large $4.00
X-Large $5.00
XX-Large $6.00
Pallet $12.00

Delivery of your packages to the COHO Ferry dock area in Downtown Port Angeles

We will deliver your packages/parcels to the ferry area from our Deer Park Road location. Delivery fee is $7.00 for the first package/parcel, and $5.00 for each additional package/parcel. Limitations are that the package/parcel must weigh less than 50lbs and be NO larger than 4 square feet in size. Larger items and pallets MUST be picked up from our location and cannot be delivered to the ferry area. *SEE BELOW NOTE IN ORDER FOR US TO DELIVER TO YOU*.

* In order for us to deliver your packages to the COHO Ferry dock area in downtown Port Angeles you will need to call or email us 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE to schedule the delivery. Delivery days to the COHO ferry are Wednesday and Friday.


Mailboxes: $15.00/month (billed in 6 month intervals)
If mail received exceeds the size of your mailbox we will automatically add an additional mailbox to your account, billed quarterly until you cancel it. For all new mailbox accounts there is an initial $20.00 set-up fee to process the paperwork with the US Postal Service. Mailbox is NOT for Packages/Parcels, flat mail only. Small packages/medicine envelopes received that DO NOT fit inside your mailbox (6″x8″x12″) are charged at normal package receiving rates herein noted.

Letters and other flat mail, via the United States Postal Service (USPS) are not considered parcels and will not be accepted unless the customer has rented a MAILBOX from us.

Notification of parcel arrival

Phone notification: $1.50
Email notification: No charge

Storage Fees

Storage charges will be assessed after a parcel has been at our business for two (2) weeks. Storage rates will be assessed by the pick-up rate on a weekly basis.

For example, a $5.00 box will have a $5.00 per week storage fee after 2 weeks
Pallets remaining after 24 hours will be charged an additional $5 / day. Avoid pallet storage fees: Get a Storage Unit

COD’s – Collect on Delivery

Parcels arriving Collect on Delivery must have payment on deposit with us prior to package arrival. Couriers do not accept cash and will only accept US Fund accounts or US postal money orders. Couriers will attempt delivery 3 times, then return the package.

Incoming per parcel – $15.00 (Does not include package receiving fees)
Outgoing per parcel – $10.00

Miscellaneous Other Fee’s

Failure to use customer number in address $1.00
Postage Due Payment Service Cost + $5.00
Return Package(s) to storage after pulling from warehouse $5.00 + Repeat receiving fee

**NOTE**: Total pick up fees under $10 will incur a $2.50 surcharge when paid with a credit card. Conversion fees will apply to credit/debit cards. We do not accept Canadian currency. Measurements are based on our estimation of package size and may not be exact. Packages are rounded up to the next largest size. Disposal fee only applies if packaging is left behind. Pallet receiving fees will increase beyond a 48″x 48″ x 48″ footprint and WILL be subject to additional charges if size necessitates additional staff handling as well. Charges are posted to your account on a daily basis. All fees and charges herein noted are based on US currency. * All rates are subject to change without notice.