Who are we at Port Angeles Package Receiving & ShipIt2PA?

We are your UNITED STATES shipping destination for package receiving, freight deliveries and storage services directly across the water from Vancouver Island.

We are a locally owned, family operated business that has been successfully operating since 2007 and we are dedicated to providing the residents of Victoria & Vancouver Island with unmatched package receiving services.

We want to eliminate the need of YOU, our Canadian neighbors, to have to travel all the way to Point Roberts or Blaine to pickup your packages or parcels when you make purchases in the United States.

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We operate other companies that coincide with Port Angeles Package Receiving which enable us to provide a variety of services to our Canadian neighbors. Our other companies include:

We receive from all major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, FedEx Ground, as well as regional and national freight companies. Whether you are shopping for the holidays, shopping for retail inventory, business or personal purposes, Port Angeles Package Receiving & ShipIt2PA.com can meet your needs.

For more information regarding Port Angeles Package Receiving, please contact us.