Welcome to your address in the United States

Our package & freight receiving services allow our neighbors in Victoria and Vancouver Island to have a United States “ship to” address. Save time and money by shipping your purchases to us. No international shipping delays or extra shipping charges apply for shipments coming to Port Angeles.

When your packages arrive, we instantly send you an email. You decide when you want to jump on the Coho Ferry to pick-up your packages. With a short trip across the water you can grab some lunch, your packages, and be back on the island within 4-5 hours.

You have 2 options in getting your packages – You can either have us deliver your packages (a small fee and size restrictions apply) near the Coho Ferry dock area, or you can pick them up at our package receiving location on Deer Park Road.

black ball ferry line in port angeles

If you decide to pick up your packages, you will need a vehicle or taxi as our package receiving location is a few miles from the Coho Ferry dock area.

For businesses and commercial clients, we have the ability to store virtually anything at our large 36,000 sq. ft. location.

View of the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Hurricane Hill
  • Leave your car behind – Select our very popular “Deliver to Dock” option.
  • When your package arrives you will receive an instant email notification.
  • No 2-3 hour border crossing wait time coming to Port Angeles – 20 min max.
  • We are open (6) days a week – We’re always ready to help you.
  • A barcoded tracking system insures a quick pickup and you’re on your way.
  • Whether its a coin collection or a ski boat, we’ve got the space to receive it.
  • Save time & money – Ship to us and see how simple it really is.

Large Volume?

Need a storage unit for your package receiving?